Prosperity is about being successful. Not just with your money, but with your life. This interactive workshop will focus on both, and provide you with actionable tools to create your own personal “Prosperity Picture.” You’ll leave the workshop with a five step system, chocked full of ideas on how to: Create your vision – remind yourself of what’s most important in your life and how your money can help you with it Know Where You Are – take advantage of clear, concise worksheets and tools to review your current financial profile Design your plan – apply fresh insights and principles to your financial situation- whether you need to finesse an existing financial plan or build a brand new one Make it happen – set up a strategy that will help turn your plans into reality Enjoy the journey – allow yourself to enjoy the process – this step will focus on ways to do that, as well as on gratitude and giving back.


Wednesday, 03.09.17 5 – 5:45 pm – 7 pm $19


Owens Community College

in Maumee, Ohio

To register call: 567.661.7357